Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Log cabin......again!?!

Last week my niece Anthel sent me,by mail, these photos of the quilt that I had made for her last month!

She gave me for Christmas these cute fabrics and I tought to make a quilt for her.
As one of my favorite  blocks is "log cabin block", I decided for this and so.......

The colours are really right for the sofa in her new house.....

...and here there is my sweet grand-nefhew Michael!
He is like the Little Prince on his Flying Rug!
I'm very happy to have made this present!


  1. Quì mi metti in difficoltà!!!
    ....MERAVIGLIOSA la coperta... ma ancor di più il mio bambino!!! :-)

  2. What a beautiful present you made. I'm sure she is very pleased with it.

  3. Ma che meraviglia! Tutti e due sia la coperta che il bambino! E meno male che sei una principiante! Ho letto che sei da Gorizia io sono di Pordenone magari avremo anche l'occasione di incontrarci magari a qualche quilting day. Ps tantissimi auguri per il tuo anniversario.


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