Thursday, 5 May 2011

Little by little......

I had the course in hexagons last february with my teacher Nichi. She tought me a very simple tecnique to make I began to work!

I like make hexagons because you sew them by hand: you can stay on your sofa, can listen music or talk with someone....and at the same time you sew, or cut the paper or cut the fabrics!

Little by little, hexagons by hexagons, your top will grow!

When I will have done enough pieces, they will become a beautiful top for a quilt!


  1. Ma non sei una donna.....sei una wonder woman!!!
    Riesci a fare tante cose e tutte bene!
    Davvero complimenti per tutti i tuoi lavori!
    Il tuo entusiasmo mi ha già contagiato tempo fa, devo organizzare ancora un paio di cose e poi voglio entrare anch'io in questo mondo!

  2. Such cheerful fabric you are using! It is a great way of quilting, as you said: sitting on the sofa or when you're travelling. It takes up little space while you can enjoy sewing.


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