Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cats ♥ !

In our family there are two cats: Chewbecca (Ciube for friends), a male, and Mimi, a female.
They were abandoned so we adopted them, Ciube was the first to come (eight years ago), then Mimi arrived.
Mimi was born in a near village, in a old shed. My daughter Giulia found her mom and the puppies, so she began to help them. We adopted her two years ago but Giulia continues to care of other abandoned cats.

This is Mimi!

Now, look at what she found last week : mom and new puppies: a little-little female and two naughty males. They are super super....!!!!!

This is the little female....

.....the red male.....

......and the black male....

Ok: we have enough love for all!!!


  1. Each one is a mastrpiece!...I can say nothing them all.

  2. ....thinking about the red you think he will survive with sirio and zeno??????????????????? and me? will I survive???????? ;-)


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