Monday, 16 May 2011

"Giulycious project"!

Yesterday, in the evening, my daughter Giulia gave me a present, a surprise!

In the small parcel I found a very special mug rug!

I have to do a remark before: Giulia never had a class of patchwork, she only had, last february, a class of hexagons with Nichi, our special teacher. This tecnique is all handmade, nothing sewing machine, and for Giulia it is ok! 
She likes to "play" with fabrics and make simple things for her (bags, pourses,...) or for her cat Daron ( cute collar or cat cushion...). She also loves particular color combinations....and this rug mug is really coloured!
Giulia has invented by herself this special star and the result is good!

Thanks Giulia from Mamy!


  1. Tale madre, tale figlia!!!

  2. But we know that Giulia is really talented for artistic things! and I really like all the stuff she does!


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