Friday, 28 September 2012

NEW CLASS, NEW TOP....and 100th POST

Three weeks ago, I have had a new class: FREE STRIPES QUILT.

With the  help of my teacher Nichi, I have learned an easy method to make "Free Stripes blocks". A very interesting I have wanted to realized a top. I used an eight quarter bundle that I bought last year in Paris. I used also white kona fabric for the contrast.
And this is the top:
The measures are 120 x 140 cm...........just right for a lucky child!

Now I have to begin with the handquilting!

Oh! I forgot..........this is

ROXY QUILT 100th post !!!!!!

I want to thank all my dear followers and all Blogland! I'm happy for this adventure!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

After a break......

....I can show you my new work!

Kaffe Fasset HST top
This has been my first work with Kaffe Fasset  (Paperweight Collection) so I have decided for a simple block to bring out the colors and the design of the fabrics.
I made 224 HST (12.5 cm finished) using also three gray shades: a good choise to balance so many colors.
But when I finished all the blocks I had to lay out them to see the result and decide for the colors position. OK.....where?
Not on my design wall: too small!
Of course on the floor! (Our friend floor: I think that the floor is a great instrument for the quilters!)
With the help of my hub (!?!) I created my personal "design floor" : a grid with string and adhesive tape. A perfect grid with the quilt measures (about 2,00 cm x 2,20 CM)

Little by little, I composed my top, checking the colors and the measures.
I have to say...this grill has been a big trick!

I made a little squares border and now I'm working on the back of the top ......and I can say that it'll be a surprise.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

BOM # 7


This time the work has been very difficult: heavy fabrics and small pieces. Infact the geese aren't perfect....... they are a bit "wonky". 
I'm not so sure of this block but, for the moment, it is "ready to go".
Next block!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

T.I.T. is now......


.....and, of course, T.I.Q. on IKEA sofa!

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