Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cats ♥ !

In our family there are two cats: Chewbecca (Ciube for friends), a male, and Mimi, a female.
They were abandoned so we adopted them, Ciube was the first to come (eight years ago), then Mimi arrived.
Mimi was born in a near village, in a old shed. My daughter Giulia found her mom and the puppies, so she began to help them. We adopted her two years ago but Giulia continues to care of other abandoned cats.

This is Mimi!

Now, look at what she found last week : mom and new puppies: a little-little female and two naughty males. They are super super....!!!!!

This is the little female....

.....the red male.....

......and the black male....

Ok: we have enough love for all!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Scraps mug rug!

These are caotic days for several reasons and I'm not able to do something serious about quilting.....
so I've played with my little "friends": scraps!
A mug rug is a good thing to make with scraps; it isn't a hard work but a funny work!

I  like it!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My new bag!

This is the work of a Saturday afternoon!
Yesterday, I didn't want to begin the basting of "My friend Pips" quilt: it's a big work and I hadn't the right decided  for a simple handmade work.
With a little piece of Ikea fabric, I made this useful bag: the project is speedy and I worked with the fabric that I had.  For the fabric inside I used a piece of a pillowcase of an old Ikea sheets set.

I can use it in several ways: like a shopping bag or to carry my handmade works when I go to meet my quilter friends. I like the  simplicity of the design and the cool colours: they are on my style!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Giulycious WIP

Today I'll show you the new Giulia's project!

Coloured little diamonds became stars!

Among the stars there will be black hexagons!

Well done, Giulia!

Thursday, 19 May 2011


I waited for one month (exactly one month!) this book from UK!
Just this morning I thought to write an email to the site where I bought it but then, with a lot of things to do, I forgot this intention.......... noon the postman brought me the parcel from U.K.!

Here it is!

Something for the bedroom......

....and something for a child!

........a pretty "Seasonal Project"!

In this book (the autor is Emma Hardy) there are a lot of easy projects, just for me that I am a beginner!

I don't know if I love the books more or fabrics!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The back is finished!

Yesterday was a sunny day and.....a windy day, but I wanted to take some pictures of the back that I had just finished. I'll be the back of "My friend Pips" quilt!

I tried to reproduce the scarfs that there are in the "Sherbet Pips" design, with the same colours.
Now I have to baste and quilt (I have yet to decide how it will be quilting)!

Monday, 16 May 2011

"Giulycious project"!

Yesterday, in the evening, my daughter Giulia gave me a present, a surprise!

In the small parcel I found a very special mug rug!

I have to do a remark before: Giulia never had a class of patchwork, she only had, last february, a class of hexagons with Nichi, our special teacher. This tecnique is all handmade, nothing sewing machine, and for Giulia it is ok! 
She likes to "play" with fabrics and make simple things for her (bags, pourses,...) or for her cat Daron ( cute collar or cat cushion...). She also loves particular color combinations....and this rug mug is really coloured!
Giulia has invented by herself this special star and the result is good!

Thanks Giulia from Mamy!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Alternative fabrics!

I often use, for my little crafts, various kind of fabrics: I look in my basket and then I try to make good what I have.
I bought these cute fabrics at Ikea. They are 100% cotton and I know that they are good. I wash them before, but it isn't a difficult work.

These are nice hippopotami......

...coloured stripes.......

...funny animals.....

...and all together!

I'll project three quilts (the fabric is enough) for my three grand-nephews, Sirio, Michael and Zeno!
It's a hard idea but I'll try to realize it!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Log cabin......again!?!

Last week my niece Anthel sent me,by mail, these photos of the quilt that I had made for her last month!

She gave me for Christmas these cute fabrics and I tought to make a quilt for her.
As one of my favorite  blocks is "log cabin block", I decided for this and so.......

The colours are really right for the sofa in her new house.....

...and here there is my sweet grand-nefhew Michael!
He is like the Little Prince on his Flying Rug!
I'm very happy to have made this present!

Monday, 9 May 2011

At last...the top is made!

My friend Pips has got his top!
Now, I have to start with the stuffing and the back.....and quilting! 
Good working, Rossana!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day!

Thanks Mom!

Greetings to all Mothers!
Salutations à toutes les mères!
Grüße an alle Mütter!
Saludos a todas las madres!
Groeten aan alle moeders!

Auguri a tutte le Mamme!!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011 not throw anything away...

In my basket of scraps there aren't a lot of these ones because I'm a beginner and I haven't many fabrics but anyway I thought to do something!

This is what it led to!

    .....a side.....

.....and the other side!

For example, this is the way that I can use it!

I made it with little, .... really little scraps, but it is very coloured and useful! 

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