Saturday, 14 May 2011

Alternative fabrics!

I often use, for my little crafts, various kind of fabrics: I look in my basket and then I try to make good what I have.
I bought these cute fabrics at Ikea. They are 100% cotton and I know that they are good. I wash them before, but it isn't a difficult work.

These are nice hippopotami......

...coloured stripes.......

...funny animals.....

...and all together!

I'll project three quilts (the fabric is enough) for my three grand-nephews, Sirio, Michael and Zeno!
It's a hard idea but I'll try to realize it!


  1. Nella cameretta di Michael questi colori stanno a meraviglia e la fantasia è proprio simpatica!
    Adoro questi progetti.....sono i regali più belli, quelli che non ti stufi mai di avere e che poi passano da generazione in generazione!

  2. Good girl! I'm sure you'll realize wonderful things above because they will be done with the heart... and you have a big one!


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