Monday, 21 November 2011

After the Stars.......

.......I show you my "November Full Moon".

I know, I Know! This is Drunkard's Path Block......but I like to call it "November Full Moon".
This is the name of a beautiful and tipical festivity that, whoever lives in Asia, know very well!
I have wonderful memories about that time when I was in Bangkok, a long time ago.......

Ok! I return on patchwork!

Then I played with the blocks:

So............ I learned the curves!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Thanks, thanks, thanks........

Thank you Maria Teresa!!!

Maria Teresa is a young mother, quilter and blogger (now, I can tell my new friend). Her beautiful blog is "Pezze e Pezzi di Vita" and she has a cute post set "Andando per Blog" ("Surfing Blogland").
She reads several blogs and then makes a post about ones: last days she chose Roxy Quilt and today there is a special post  about my dear blog!

OK Blogland! All to see "Roxy Quilt"Story on  "Pezze e Pezzi di Vita"!

Now, I realize that patchwork isn't only fabric or pattern but it is, above all, sharing and friendly: good reasons to continue sewing and blogging!!!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

"Dancing with the Stars"

I began, two weeks ago, my second patchwork class and ....I met the STARS, all tips and difficulties!
Ohio Star....

.....Flying Geese......


...all together!

I love them!

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