Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Ok, Friends! D Day is arrived!
In the afternoon, we leave for holidays: ten beautiful days, me and my daughter Anna, in Paris.
We have "free house" of our friend Maria Chiara and so we'll stay there really like Parisian.
This is our third time in Paris but this is my first time as a quilter: I'll see all with other eyes.
These last days were very heavy and hard because of some health problems of my parents: I did'nt sure if I could leave. Now, the situation is getting better and so......off we go!!!
I'll take with me my Mac and so I'll be able to post on the blog, pics or thoughts.
I back soon and au revoir amis!!!


  1. Have a terrific time! I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration there.

  2. Have lots of fun with Anna in Paris! So special, to be with your daughter in this awesome city!


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