Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Last week it wasn't a good period for me and my mind was "disconnected". The only thing that I was able to do turn over the scraps' basket and begin to sew one scrap to an other scrap...two scraps with two others...and so on...without rules...without measures...only sewing on!
So... this is my "COMPULSIVE SEWING" Quilt

It is very special for me because it was my therapy!


  1. Sometimes a bit of "mindless" piecing is the best medicine. Your quilt turned out stunning and it's already quilted. Well done! (And I hope you feel better too)

  2. I love when You are compulsive if the result is a quilt like this!
    See You friday for therapy :)

  3. Amazing quilt! Isn't it wonderful that your mindless sewing therapy created such a beautiful quilt.


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