Friday, 7 February 2014

New cushion

To take a break from "Celtic Solstice", I tried to make a new work : Twister Pinweel !

This is a block that I like so much because the final result is like a surprise.
I began to make the top with 4 and 1/4"  squares (I had several ones already cut in this measure) , 7 units X 7 rows,  and a 3" border.

Then, since I haven't the Pinweel block ruler, I made  a plastic template  ( 3"X 3") by myself.

I began to cut neatly the blocks and put them apart in the same position.

Little by little I reassambled the new squares to form the pinweels.

 I sewed the blocks and then the rows.......
A beautiful new"top"!

I added a piece of cotton batting and  hanquilting with cotton perle.....

I decided to make a cushion with this cute mini I made an envelope closure for the back......and voilà ...

.....a beautiful new cushion for my sofa......and I learned a new technique!!!


  1. Aren't those twister rulers fun? I love mine too. Your cushion turned out lovely by the way! Now back to your Celtic Solstice ;)!

  2. WOW.... I love your cushion!!! The Twister Pinweel are on my to doo list!
    Hugs, from Italy


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