Monday, 16 December 2013

MISTERY 2013 - WIP # 3

This week I'm pretty satisfied with the progresses of this Mistery because I'm well under way!
The step was 488 HST (2"X 2") ....not a joke!!!
But....HST is one of my favourite blocks and you can see here, here and here my HST  experience!
Since I haven't Easy Angle ruler, I cut the pieces for the units following my method .......even better a little "trick": I cut 4"- 3/4 (12 cm.) orange and yellow squares, drew the diagonals and then, right face with right face, I sewed on the right and the left of those. At last, I cut on the two diagonals and on the two medians.......VOILA'
8 perfect HST 2" X 2".

Love at first sight!!!
To see everyone's Celtic Solsice Mistery Quilt progress posted on Bonnie Hunter's blog


  1. Very smart way to do it!! Love all of your fabrics.

  2. Love the wee owl in one of your HSTs!

  3. Like your way to make the HST. I Spy a cute little owl. :)
    hugs from Brazil

  4. I have to try this...I am so far behind!


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