Saturday, 30 November 2013

OK......I'm ready to go!!!!

Today I prepared my sewing area for my first Mistery Quilt:
"Celtic Solstice Mistery 2013"
I followed all the istructions that Bonnie Hunter has advised:
I clean my sewing machine and put a new needle, preparated several bobbins and a new blade in the rotary cutter, little scissor and seam ripper,  all fabrics prepared by color and plastic templates for the first block (I haven't Tri Recs ruler...!).
Last but not favourite music in this period:  Christmas songs from 181.FM CHRISTMAS RADIO from U.S.A. .......all traditional music!!!!

for this first part I have to make "ONLY" 140 little blocks with orange background and 240 with neutral background.....
And this work for the next Friday!!!!
I have to say.....I'm a bit scared.......


  1. Wow, you are well prepared. Nothing can go wrong now and I'm sure you'll turn out the 140 blocks without any problems (maybe just a couple of night shifts ;)!!!! Can't wait to see how this mystery is unfolding.

  2. You will do fine. I love how you are all set up and ready to go. Far more prepared then I am. It is fun to do Bonnie's mysteries.


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