Sunday, 2 June 2013


.....a special day for us!
It's the GRADUATION CEREMONY DAY of my daughter Anna at  Mukwonago  High School -Wisconsin.
It is an important moment for her and for all our family
Here in Italy we haven't this tradition about the Graduation I have made a little present for her.
She will be at home, in Italy, next  26 june and we are very excited about it!


                                                             GO INDIANS!!!
                                                      GO ANNA!!!


  1. I can't believe it's already a year since your daughter left for the US! How time flies! Love the quilt you made for her for the occasion of her graduation. I'm sure you can't wait to have "your baby" home again ;).

  2. Congratulations! How happy you must be. The quilt is beautiful, and pillow as well. My husband and I were in Muckwanago on Mother's Day weekend. It was so beautiful up there!

  3. Conti le ore vero? Congratualzioni alla tua piccola!

  4. Se li merita tutti questi lavori.....e sono certa che non hai fatto niente con tanto amore!!! BRAVE !!!


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