Friday, 8 February 2013

New year......... sewing place!!!! Oh yeahhh!!!

I was sick going around home with my sewing machine in one hand and the cutting mat and the ruler in the others: one time on the kitchen table......but .....and the dinner??? another time on the table in the living  room...but no chance...non work!

So...last week I moved a sofa from the living room and I got free a large part of the room!

A short visit to Ikea....and that's it!!!

Two Expedit 2x2, Galant table top 160X80 cm., Alex drawer unit (I put 4 usefull wheels) an a cute Ingolf chair!

Taaa dahh!!! My new sewing pace!!!

Everything has its place and I have all  I need on hand.

And now...ready to work!!!
I like it very much!


  1. It looks great Roxy! I'm sure you'll be able to sew much more often, when you don't have to find a space and set everything up first every time you want to sew. I love how you used all the Ikea furniture, very clever. By the way; is the little shelf where you keep your fat quarter in also from Ikea? I really like that. Can't wait to see what you will produce at your new work station ;).

  2. Lovely to see this sewing corner grow! And how handy with all the storage you added inside. Well done!

  3. It looks fantastic....great job....ciao Alison


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