Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sunday shopping!!!

Last Sunday I spent a pleasant day. I was in Vicenza with the quilters' group, someone from Monfalcone and someone from Trieste: we visited "Abilmente", an important fair of patchwork, embroidery and other beauties.
Of course..... I think that the fabrics' lovers, when they go in a place like this.....they must leave credit card at home!!!
Seriously, there were a lot of beautiful things to buy. I hadn't eyes to see all.
However... I had my little shopping...

Fabric for Christmas decorations....

...with coordinated ribbons.

Cute buttons!!!

Tilda design (that I'll use with other Tilda's fabric that I already have)

Japanese style!!!

And my favourite fabric of Sunday shopping: coloured Kaffe Fasset !!!

Now I have enough "material" to work with!!!

P.S. : Thank you Francesca for our chat, it was a nice time!

Friday, 21 October 2011

I'm back....

.... with a new finished quilt!!!

Last month I bought a Charm Pack Free Spirit Fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop: a beautiful colours' palette!
I had to work on colours, a lot of colours and not only the favourite ones.
So, I decided for a simple pattern, just as a palette: wheels or spirals gave me some problems.
For the backing I used a soft fleece in a green pattern. I'm not too satisfied of the result, especially under the white fabric. I have learned a lesson. But in those days I had to work in this way!

Before binding...

....and here it is done!

It was a speedy work and perhaps not too perfect but I needed, last week, only to sew, whatever, without problems and keep my mind at work.
I chose a name for this quilt: "Color Swatches" Quilt!
It's a name a bit "pompous" for this simple work but I wanted to give it a little bit of dignity: it's always my creature!

P.S.: In the evening, my hubby Robert asked me if this quilt can will be for him: he likes CSQ just because it is  a simple quilt, not too stylish but fresh and modern.
So........"Color Swatches" Quilt has a new destination:  Robert's armchair!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tests continue.....but I can't.....

I tried to lay down the blocks like a "spiral":

This way doesn't convince Anna, my daughter.

So....game over....

I like the last one!
 After all, the best solution is the easiest way : simple combination of colors and neat rows!!! 

But now..... I'm not in a hurry to finish this top: the next ten days I'll be at my parent's house. They live in another town and my mom is sick (she fell and broke a bone of the pelvis). She can not get out of bed and I go there to help  her and my father (he is "strong" but he is 87 years old...!).
So.... in the coming days, patchwork and quilting will be my last problem!
I hope to come back soon in Blogland......with my mind more quiet.

Happy Quilting, Friends!!!

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