Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tests continue.....but I can't.....

I tried to lay down the blocks like a "spiral":

This way doesn't convince Anna, my daughter.

So....game over....

I like the last one!
 After all, the best solution is the easiest way : simple combination of colors and neat rows!!! 

But now..... I'm not in a hurry to finish this top: the next ten days I'll be at my parent's house. They live in another town and my mom is sick (she fell and broke a bone of the pelvis). She can not get out of bed and I go there to help  her and my father (he is "strong" but he is 87 years old...!).
So.... in the coming days, patchwork and quilting will be my last problem!
I hope to come back soon in Blogland......with my mind more quiet.

Happy Quilting, Friends!!!


  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your mother. Good of you to take care of her and your father. It's a real worry when parents get to that age, isn't it? I'm also worried about my mum who lives by herself in Switzerland. She also had a fall last week, but thank God didn't break anything. Looking forward to seeing you back in blogland soon.
    PS: I like the new layout of the quilt.

  2. Hi Roxy, I also like your last layout, neat and modern and so smooth. Sorry to hear about your mom, best wishes for that: hope she'll recover soon!

  3. Why don't you try a random why.....let your brain and feeling go on it...brain stroming always gives good results!


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