Sunday, 30 March 2014

Little Circle of Flying Geese....

I finally learned how to sew The Circle of Flying Geese by paper piecing technique!!!
My quilters' group, all dear friends, helped me with useful tips, right paper and lovely encouragements!!!
For this first block  (15" X 15") I used scaps and solid black fabric (Ikea cotton)...... but the result is very good....may be I will make a cushion or a centerpiece.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

LINEN plus KOCCA equal..... new Tote Bag.

For this project I used linen (a beautiful in Italy we call this shade "Sugar Paper")  and two FQs of Kocca fabric (Folk Modern by Ellen Luckett Baker). I bought the FQs last year at Vicenza's fair from the Nunoya stand.
Nunoya is a very special Japanese fabric shop in Barcelona, Spain....and I love it!!!

One side.....

 .....and the other side....a bit different...

...and  Japanese buttons!!!

Ready for Spring 2014!!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


My Medallion Quilt

After the Twister Pinweel center, I've finished the first border:
Churn Dash blocks!!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Twister Pinweel....MANIA?

Oh, yeahhhh!!!!!
Here below there are some my last works that I made with this interesting pattern:

a colored cushion for my friend Marina...

.....and with the scraps here is a cute pouch...

 ...then I made this little top: I will make a  lovely cushion for my daughter Anna...

.....and this is the center block of my next project, a Medallion Quilt. This is a project that our quilters'group have decided to make together, everyone with her own fabrics choice. I use Tilda fabric, a selection of pink,red and aqua by Tone Finnager and white solid cotton.

The result is just as I had imagined it!

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